What you will learn

1. Terminology
2. Key Personnel
3. Amendments
4. Example Amendments
5. Flight Plan review
6. Alternates
7. Briefing a Jeppesen chart
8. Inoperative equipment
9. Pushback sequence
10. Other examples of typical scenarios!

The 121 Airline Operations course is the perfect solution for professional aviators gearing up for their first 121 airline!  Whether you have extensive jet experience in a charter or corporate environment, come from a military background, or perhaps you’re a CFI headed to an airline, this course uncovers the elements specific to 121 airline flying that you may not be familiar with but definitely need to know!

Airline flying has several operational factors specific to 121 operations.  Items such as Operational Control, Dispatch Releases, Amendments, and Operations Specifications (Op Specs) are just a few of the terms you will expect to hear in an airline cockpit.

This course fills a crucial gap relating to the operating of an aircraft specifically in an airline environment. Think of an airline cockpit as a mass orchestra and you’re the conductor! Learn about each member of your orchestra and the instruments they play to best keep the tempo as the commander of your aircraft!