FTI Proposal

Offer Videos To Your Students

Offer Type Rating Prep Course

Why Should We Do This?

  1. High Quality Training For Students
  2. Innovative Learning Platform
  3. Additional Revenue Stream
  4. We’re In Miami – Where You Train!
  5. Expan your reach to low time pilots

Still Not Convinced?

No Problem! We Understand!!…BUT Consider This.

  1. How much business do I lose because the client would is low time & our program isn’t for them?
  2. Do I want my students to have the best quality instruction?
  3. Do I value instructors who don’t just click through power points…but really Instruct?
  4. Do I want an innovative Learning Platform for my academy?
  5. Do I want an additional revenue stream?
  6. Does it sound good that this doesn’t cost me anything..but rather would be profitable?
  7. Would it be nice to have students show up BEYOND Prepared.
  8. Do I believe Juan and Joe can do this?
  9. I understand they’ve been instructing for a LONG time.
  10. By instructing we mean – actually teaching, not clicking through slides.
  11. Would students appreciate it?
  12. Is it worth trying for a year?

Video Platform

Offer it to your students as an upsell and we do a revenue split. 

Type Rating Prep

 Have Students attend this first so you don’t have the headaches.  and oh yea… it cost us NOTHING. But we can certainly profit from it while providing incredible instruction.