Systems Review & Oral Prep

A guided walk through of every light and switch on the overhead panel! Additionally, each system is reviewed with the probable oral question and preferred responses to guarantee an oral exam pass!

  • Lights & Switches
  • Flight Controls
  • Fuel
  • Electrics
  • Anti Ice
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Pressurization
  • Air Conditioning
  • IRS
  • Probable Questions/Pre Oral
  • Preferred Responses/Pre Oral
  • Manual References
  • Guaranteed Oral Pass

ECAM Actions

A review of the Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring ECAM.

  • 4 Parts of the ECAM
  • Proper Language & Protocol
  • Example ECAM walk through


Review the various approaches and how to manage the automation to properly fly them!

  • ILS
  • Non Precision
  • APP NAV Strategy
  • LOC Approach
  • Constant Descent Point “CDP” Calculation


Flight Control Laws

Review perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts! Joe Munoz explains clear and detailed the various laws and protections of the aircraft.

  • What is a law?
  • Normal Law + Ground, Flight, & Flare Modes Reviewed
  • Alternate Law
  • Direct Law
  • Abnormal Attitude Law
  • Protections
  • High & Low Speed stabilities
  • Triggering events for each law


Review the various auto flight and auto thrust modes. Additionally, a complete review of Fail Operational vs. Fail Passive CAT II/III Approaches are included!

  • FMA Columns & Modes
  • FMA Color Organization
  • Auto thrust Modes
  • FCU Selections
  • Fail Passive vs. Fail Operational


A walkthrough of how to load the MCDU for departure and approach phases!

  • Departure loading (DIFRIPPS)
  • Approach loading (Tophat)


A walk through of the cockpit setup and pushback sequence right up through the takeoff.

SIM Briefings

Get a good understanding of the upcoming air work and other procedures you will train in the simulator!

  • Steep Turns
  • Stalls
  • Unusual Attitudes
  • V1 Cut
  • Single Engine ILS
  • Single Engine Go Around
  • Single Engine Landing

Takeoff & Climb Out

This course takes you through the normal takeoff and climb out segment with explanation of FMA modes and callouts.

  • Normal Takeoff Profile
  • Callouts
  • Climbout
  • FMA Modes

                Energy Management

                Learn how the aircraft plans it descent and arrival into the terminal area!

                • Idle path vs. Geometric path
                • Calculating top of descent
                • 3:1 Rule
                • Traffic pattern entry
                • Stars
                • Descent Examples
                • General rules of thumb
                • Windshear


                Extended Envelope Training AKA Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) is a required course for all 121 airline pilots as of March 2019. This course walks you through:

                •  Why this training is needed
                • Aerodynamics
                • The Zero Lift Line
                • AOA vs. FPV vs. Pitch Attitude
                • Dihedral
                •  Effects of altitude
                • Automation and Stalls
                • Roll Stability

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