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Who Is Joe & Juan?

J&J are industry recognized instructors with 20+ years and 20,ooo+ hours of instruction given on the B737 and A320 aircraft. We value quality instructor led training. This is step by step hand held guidance to have success in any training program!

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  • Systems
  • Fault Lights
  • Auto Logic
  • Probable Questions
  • Preferred Responses

First learn the aircraft. Then we show you how to phrase your answers.

Knowledge + Delivery = Success

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  • Profiles
  • Callouts
  • Flows
  • Automation
  • FMS
  • SIM Briefings

Instructor tips, tricks & secrets to success

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A320 Audio Prep

1. What to expect in ground school
2. What to expect in fixed base training
3. What to expect in full motion sim training
4. Recommended study techniques for all phases of training
5. What to do about poor instructors
6. What to do about bad sim partners
7. Typical Oral Profile
8. Typical Check Ride Profile
9. Known Training Roadblocks
10. Learning Plateaus
11. Instructor Tips & Secrets
12. Air work Techniques
13. Single Engine Operations
14.Maintaining PTS standards at all times
15. What to do about midnight sessions
16. What if you fall behind
17. What if you fail an event
18. How to elevate your overall check ride “Score”
and so…much..MORE!

This is YEARS of experience teaching type rating programs poured out in an easy to read playbook format. You will receive an autographed copy of the Playbook when you order today!

B737 Audio Prep


The information was very well presented and easy to follow. I highly recommend this for anyone getting typed or going through recurrent.

– Michael B. B737NG

Having gone through several type rating courses, I can say with confidence this video course is the best way to prepare for an oral. The sim prep course also made every session incredibly easier. Worth every penny.

– Ray M. B737 Classic

Thank You 1 Step Prep for giving me the tools for success. I only had a short period time to study for the oral and simulator sessions; your videos prepared me! I would recommend it for any professional pilot!

– David R. A320

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