Systems Review

We guide you through every light and switch on the overhead panel! Additionally, each system is reviewed with the probable oral question and preferred responses to guarantee an oral exam pass!

  • Lights & Switches
  • Flight Controls
  • Fuel
  • Electrics
  • Anti Ice
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Pressurization
  • Air Conditioning
  • IRS
  • Probable Questions
  • Preferred Responses
  • Manual References
  • Guaranteed Oral Pass

CDU Preflight & Takeoff

This course walks you through the FMS loading for departure. Additionally, the full takeoff profile is flown and narrated with callouts and proper automation mode selections with explanation.

  • FMS Flight plan Loading
  • Takeoff Profile
  • MCP Mode Selection
  • FMA Review


Learn to setup the FMS properly for the phase. Additionally, the approach profiles (precision and nonprecision), callouts and proper automation modes are narrated with reference to the manuals.

  • FMS Approach Loading
  • ILS Approaches
  • Non-Precision Approaches
  • VNAV Briefing
  • Use of Vertical Speed on approach
  • Profile with callouts (Standard)
  • Manual References

Holds and Go Arounds

We walk you through the complete go around and holding sequence.  

  • Go around profile
  • Callouts (Standard)
  • FMA Modes
  • FMS Inputs



Extended Envelope Training AKA Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) is a required course for all 121 airline pilots as of March 2019. This course walks you through:

  •  Why this training is needed
  •  Aerodynamics
  •  The Zero Lift Link
  •  AOA vs. FPV vs. Pitch Attitude
  • Dihedral
  • Effects of altitude
  •  Automation and Stalls
  • Roll Stability

                SIM Briefings

                Complete simulator briefings for the maneuvers and procedures you will fly in initial, recurrent and upgrade training.

                • Steep Turns
                • Stalls
                • Unusual Attitudes
                • V1 Cut
                • Single Engine ILS
                • Single Engine Go Around
                • Single Engine Landing
                • Circling Approach 

                MCP Modes

                This course includes a complete review of each auto flight selection on the mode control panel. Learn exactly what each pushbutton does and how to comply appropriately with clearances.

                • FD’s
                • Speed Mode
                • Auto-throttle
                • N1
                • LVL CHG
                • APP
                • V/S
                • VNAV
                • LNAV
                • VOR/LOC
                • HDG SEL
                • CMD
                • CWS