Type Rating Playbook


Joe Munoz’s Type Rating Play Book To Success is your exact guide on how to successfully complete initial, recurrent and upgrade training.

Joe Covers:

What to expect in ground school, What to expect in fixed base training, What to expect in full motion sim training, Recommended study techniques for all phases of training, What to do about poor instructors, What to do about bad sim partners, Typical Oral Profile, Typical Check Ride Profile, Known Training Roadblocks, Learning Plateaus, Instructor Tips & Secrets, Air work Techniques, Single Engine Operations, Maintaining PTS standards at all times, What to do about midnight sessions, What if you fall behind, What if you fail an event, How to elevate your overall check ride “Score”
and so much more!

With over 4,500 hours of dual instruction given in Level D simulators Joe Munoz guides you through the exact recipe for training program success.

This is YEARS of experience teaching type rating programs poured out in an easy to read playbook format.