My Experience Getting B737 Typed

Wow Where To Start…
My first time training in a Level D sim was in B737NG school. I actually won the type rating out of a raffle out at a job fair. (I talk all about it in the video below if you missed it!)
I remember showing up to class completely unaware of what to expect. I figured “ok show up with some systems knowledge, have a working knowledge on limitations” but truthfully i didn’t know exactly what i was about to embark on.
Half way through day 1 i quickly realized there was ALOT to know. ..AND i only had 12 days before my FAA Oral. Shortly after i would be in a sim for 7 sessions and off to a check ride. Training brought all kinds of surprises, starting with different instructors, automation management (I had been flying a Metroliner with ZERO automation), not to mention flight director tracking was interesting for me at first!
The experience truly showed me that type rating courses require more prep work then what i had actually done, and additionally the “Fire hose” analogy is 100% true.
Looking back now there are many times where i could say “Had i known that then, I would’ve done ____”
I’ve now logged over 4,800 hours teaching in level D sims not to mention all of the classroom time instructing every training program imaginable for so many airlines I cant keep track.
The #1 rule i have found is: DO NOT RELY ON THE TRAINING PROGRAM. Put in your time and effort to prepare, a small investment in our products will save you A TON of frustration. Starting with the playbook bundle. This is essentially a briefing for your entire training program. Much like you brief before a flight, or before a sim, the playbook is your briefing guide before beginning any training program. All of those “had i known” moments are covered there!

Next look into our online video courses, you will 100% have success in training with those courses. The content there comes after years teaching pilots with varying experience levels. Plus we offer a 100% money back guarantee on your success – so what do you have to lose?

Joe Munoz

Instructor Pilot B737 & A320